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The resort resorts a farce. American tourists scramble for beach chairs.

Industry news 2018-06-26 17:37:33

According to a report by the "Mirror" on December 6th, two middle-aged American tourists recently disputed each other on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean, and they finally fought together, resulting in a leisurely holiday. The brigade evolved into a farce, and the cause of the dispute between the two was a beach chair and parasol.

The two men tore the scuffed videos out on the Internet and can see men dressed in yellow shirts complaining about not having enough beach chairs. Another tourist had complained and called him to "shut up," and then said, "Do you think someone grabbed your chair?" The yellow shirt man replied, "Yes, they just grabbed me. thing".

Then the dispute escalated, and the white visitor lost his cool. In the video, he jumped onto the bench and punched the man in a yellow shirt. Then, the two scuffled together. The stunned beach staff separated the two. It is still not known whether the parties involved will face penalties.